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Private Lessons

Hutch has conducted lessons for more than 20 years. During that time, he has been blessed to teach several players who have been highly ranked in the North Texas Region, the State of Texas and/or the Nation.

A private lesson is an opportunity for an athlete to receive 1-on-1 instruction from Hutch.  Except for the first lesson which may last 1 ½ hours, a lesson is normally 1 hour in length.  Hutch Volleyball requires that at least one parent be in attendance during the entirety of the first lesson and that an adult is present at all following lessons. The parent/guardian/adult should be prepared to shag volleyballs, aid in videoing, and to listen as Hutch explains techniques to the athlete.  The development of the athlete as a volleyball player will depend on the consistency of attending lessons, doing any assigned homework and applying the techniques during the athlete’s practices and/or matches.  This requires a team comprised of Hutch, the player and the parents.

The first lesson is an evaluation of the current skills of the athlete and will consist of conferring with both the parent and the player, and video analysis of the player’s biomechanical movements, followed by instruction on the court with the athlete and the adult.  In many cases, for the first lesson, more time will be spent off the court than on the court.  The first couple of lessons are very detailed, methodical and analytical. Therefore, families should not expect a lesson with a lot of needless repetition.

The techniques and methods taught are based on the current methodology used by the USAV Olympic/National Volleyball Team and the most current research regarding the sport of volleyball.   

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