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Private Lessons

Hutch offers a limited number of private lessons throughout the year. Each lesson lasts 1 hour and requires the participation of at least one parent or guardian.  The lessons may include videography of the player’s technic and software analysis which compares the player’s form when compared to the ideal technique.  Players have experienced increases in serving speeds ranging from  25%  -- 110%  within in 1 – 4 months of taking lessons from Hutch and using the techniques that he has taught them.  Sometimes the player will experience a significant increase in serving speed during the first lesson.  There is no guarantee that every player will experience such increases.


Hutch has been the private instructor for some of the top players in North Texas, including two outside hitters who were in the top 25 outside hitters in the country in their age group and to many players who have gone on to receive college scholarships.

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