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Approach & Philosophy

Excel in life, not just in volleyball. Playing volleyball is a great way for a young girl to learn how to bring her best to everything she does in life. The Bible speaks of the body being composed of many parts, and this principle is directly applicable to a volleyball team. More than any other sport we know, volleyball requires that individuals work as a team, making their individual goals secondary to the team’s goals. While we teach individual volleyball skills at the highest technical level, we teach them in the context of being the best teammate possible. We encourage players not only to seek individual success, but the success of those around them. This nurturing environment offers a safe place to take risks, make mistakes and, in the process, become a better player. We want the girls we work with to not only be successful at volleyball, but to translate that same approach and philosophy to life: give honor to God, strive for excellence, have no fear to make mistakes, work hard, encourage others and finish strong.

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